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Billing Period System [0.9.3]

Viewing resource Billing Period System [0.9.3]

[2.4] Addon that changes the current billing system to be dynamic

Dynamic billing system for Controlpanel.gg

This addon changes the current billing system and adds new functionality to it.


  • More precise server billing
    • Not all servers get billed at the same time when the queue worker runs
    • Each server gets a timestamp when it has been billed the last time
    • Each server is getting billed individually based on their timestamp
  • Each Products gets a billing period setting which sets how often the price of a server gets charged from the user
    • Supported periods: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-annually, Annually
    • Each Product can have it's own billing period
  • Billing period price of a server always gets charged upfront - prepaid
  • Server can get cancelled
    • It will get suspended when current period is over






For any issues or suggestions regarding this addon feel free to contact me on the controlpanel.gg discord server in the #third-party channel


I do not give any warranty or guarantee to the functionality of this addon!
I am not responsible for any issues or damages to your database by using this addon!

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Total Downloads
First Release
19 Jun 2022
Last Release
09 Mar 2023

Version 2.4

09 Mar 2023, 11:06


Addon very good and works perfectly.
BUT if you have a theme it is very complicated to install it because it does not give any instructions but only files to replace, it would be nice to give instructions of replacements to do to install the addon without replacing existing files, which is very useful when we have a theme.

Thanks for your work

| 2.0 | 4 months ago Ikiae Ikiae

Very good there was 1 little bug but we fixed it with the addon maker so thanks for the great addon.

| 2.0 | 4 months ago kianorits kianorits

Well made addon, it's worth the money! The dev was friendly and helped me with errors. 10/10

| 1.3 | 8 months ago Luca Luca

Very nice and convenient system. It adds a awesome feature to my instance and the code base is well structure. 

| 1.1 | 9 months ago Logisch_JoJo Logisch_JoJo